If There Is A Drastic Drop in Your Rankings? ,time to read checklist by SEO Expert.

Google, who remained dedicated to bringing new everyday in the online world, has brought a Webmaster Help Video which is intended to help those who are noticing a drastic drop in their ranking and traffic from Google. Now online businesses will be able to diagnose the issues casing low ranking and traffic of their site .The video is to help people learn how to diagnose the problems that cause downturn of their businesses.

 “One thing I would do very early on, is I would do ‘site:mydomain.com’ and figure out are you completely not showing up in Google or do parts of your site show up in Google?” Matt Cutts, Head of Web Spam begins. “That’s also a really good way to find out whether you are partially indexed. Or if you don’t see a snippet, then maybe you had a robots.txt that blocked us from crawling. So we might see a reference to that page, and we might return something that we were able to see when we saw a link to that page, but we weren’t able to see the page itself or weren’t able to fetch it.”

“You might also notice in the search results if we think that you’re hacked or have malware, then we might have a warning there,” Matt Cutts adds. “And that could, of course, lead to a drop in traffic if people see that and decide not to go to the hacked site or the site that has malware.”

Then it’s on to Webmaster Tools.

“The next place I’d look is the webmaster console,” asserts Cutts. “Google.com/webmasters prove that you control or own the site in a variety of ways. And we’re doing even more messages than we used to do. Not just things like hidden text, park domains, doorway pages. Actively quite a few different types of messages that we’re publishing now, and when we think there’s been a violation of our quality guidelines. If you don’t see any particular issue or message listed there, then you might consider going to the Webmaster Forum.”

“You can also check other search engines, because if other search engines aren’t listing you, that’s a pretty good way to say, well, maybe the problem is on my side. So maybe I’ve deployed some test server, and maybe it had a robots.txt or a no index so that people wouldn’t see the test server, and then you pushed it live and forgot to remove the no index,” Matt Cutts continues to tell in the video. “You can also do Fetch as Googlebot. That’s another method. That’s also in our Google Webmaster console. And what that lets you do is send out Googlebot and actually retrieve a page and show you what it fetched. And sometimes you’ll be surprised. It could be hacked or things along those lines, or people could have added a no index tag, or a rel-canonical that pointed to a hacker’s page.”

With so many interpretations and assertions, Cutts’ video is intended to help you identify the real issue. To know more, kindly visit, http://www.webpronews.com/tips-for-diagnosing-a-drop-in-google-rankings-from-matt-cutts-2011-10