Google Panda’s “Freshness” Update, Some Losers, and Some Winners!

Google has confirmed a new and biggest Google Index Update according to which impacts on all the searches will be measured by number of searches on daily basis. According to this algorithm update of Google, freshness of the content is central, means fresher content will be indexed in search engines more quickly. This new update impacts 35% of searches as company says. It is intended to show the impact of high quality pages that are only few minutes old for queries pertaining to hot topics and happenings. Posts can be related to sports, earnings reports, TV shows or any other significant event.

It is amazing to see the responses that this update is getting from SEO community .Some are skeptical about this update, whereas some are hopeful. Search Metrics has provided data about the winners and losers of search visibility resulting from varied iterations of this update of Google Panda. Most of the winners are big brands. To know more, kindly visit