Two Links from One Page: How Does Google Handle the Links – Google’s Matt Cutts

Today, Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search spam) posted a video about “how google handle two links from one page” or “how does google handle one link with two anchor texts from one page”.

Matt Cutts said in the video:

According to original page rank document; on a page, page rank flows to each link individually.

So does it pass the page rank in the same way?

In 2009, Google counted the first anchor text from the two links from a page but Matt Cutts said this may change over time & it may not work that way now.

Check the video here:

So if you have 2 links with different anchor texts on same page, in 2009 google would have used the first anchor text. So we’re not sure if this works in 2014 or not but it was working in 2009 🙂