Six Ethical Guidelines for a Future Proof SEO to Be Considered

Are you loosing on our SEO? Is it like that you search engines are not happy for your website. There is a way of retaining your reputation, your business or clients and the search engine go very positive about you. The answer is and ethical SEO. There are some very simple ways that can help you maintain ethical SEO.

1. Chase the Search Engines’ guiding principle

You need to understand First that every search engine follow some rules. You need to be very clear about the rule book they are following. You must be aware of the guidelines that these search giants wants you to obey. Don’t just read them, learn them. Some of the most popular one include the following:

Remember that these guidelines are not just simple to do checklist for your website. It is always better that your website adopts them as bible and follow it as a rule book if you don’t want to suffer the cost of the penalties.

2. See what will give the real results

There are many website administrator who often assumes a search engine as a cookie-cutter. Remember that Search engine optimization is not all about cookie-cutter service. An agency or consultant will contribute many hours with lots of SEO best practices. The main purpose of it is to increase the search engine traffic.

In order to make it more effective it is always suggested that the designer can optimize title elements, h# elements, alt attributes and keyword use. For a websites performing low in a competitive market it will be much better for them if they spend time on authority building with new, citation-worthy content and link building. On a later stage the website will start enjoying some benefits from the increased authority.

It is worth noting that the website search engine optimization is not a rule of thumb or routine task. They have lots of instructions filled manual and after clear clarity on the understanding of their client they develop a custom project plan, a plan that suits your need and your requirement and specifications.

You cannot just perform one activity at a time. The SEO basics can offer you many concurrent high value activities and other tasks longer for each activity cycle. It includes various task and activities that will generate the largest, most immediate impact.

3. Disconnect SEO from Non-SEO

Many websites now days are made from SEO point of view. It is hare worth noting that a good website with genuinely good content can help in improving the link building for the website. A website administrator should separate SEO from other task involved in website content management. The website content should not be made to attract the search engines. Rather a good website is enough to perform this task. Remember, design website that attract SEO but not a website for attracting SEO.

Let us take Google for an example, When Google announced page speed as a ranking factor, all the agencies and consultants start selling their products that can help in increasing the page speed they often call these products as page speed optimizers. Further Google made it clear that the page speed will affect an extremely small percentage of sites. It was on the later stage when we learned that how page speed affects the traffic on the retail sites by search engines link. The, search optimizers justified themselves by using conversion optimizations and search engine optimization as two broad different non inclusive aspects. It is true that the page speed correlates with higher ranking but is not the only cause of increasing the website footfall. Therefore that is not the cause of web traffic it just correlates.

The main objectives of SEO are to focus attention and efforts on more visitors, better conversions, increased sales, augmented revenue, greater ROI, etc.

As you keep working on websites you will see biennial results that have nothing to do with the services offered by SEO.

4. Be true to your client about results that can be expected

It is the problem with most of the administrators. They want to retain the business of the clients and they never want that their staff is sitting idle. To make staff engaged they often evolve them in the task that shows over possessiveness to lose your contract or in worst case a fear of losing your job. However, it is worth noting that every sale comes with a commitment of meeting the expectation of the clients. If you start overselling you may earn good amount of revenue but may be the tasks are beyond your span of control and you may under perform later.

There are many ways to increase revenue of sales more than your desired or capable limit. SEO takes time; the tool of SEO in many cases is used by your competitors also so it is not always easy to catch them. It brings you to a situation of some sort of cold war. It implies that you must work to equalize or to surpass the rival’s authority. Once you are done with this, it’s important to retain your position. Do not overrun so that you may land up over exhausted. You must work to exceed rival and then keep walking in order to stay there.

 The results cannot be demonstrated in a fortnight period. It can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to create demonstrable results. Depending on your website it may take longer or if managed well the results can be seen in a short while. It all depends on response you receive from your client resources and the level of competition that you face. Remember that if you are commuting your client that there are chances that they may be successes in a short while you should better be sure about it else better not to make any false commitment.

Remember that your client is investing many thousand dollars to get the task done and it would be very disheartening if you do not match expectations or your own words.

 It is always preferable if you show them true numbers. For example: show them the range, Google numbers, Bing numbers, Wordstream, Keyword Discovery or SEMRush numbers etc.

5. Stick to sustainable practices

In recent past it was a trend of getting links from charities, links that demand donation for some nonprofit organizations, links demanding contribution to the noble cause. All time twitter was filled with SEO practitioners fundraising on behalf of not-for-profits. Actually in reality, most of these campaigns were designed to gain authority links for clients.

We know and we appreciate the work of industry leaders who have done admirable work on behalf of charities. At the same time, fundraising by optimizer went from near zero to ubiquitous, then disappeared when this tactic lost favor. It is not always, that the customer reacts as per your expectation.

You must stick yourself to the sustainable practices or be certain about the short term efforts that align as per client requirements and goals.

6. Respect Your Employees’ feelings

Make sure that with performing your business endeavors and taking the client’s needs as your goal, you do not offend your employees. Do not abandon their values but respect them.