SEO NEWS | Officially No Free Lunch by Google EMD Update

As launched by Google EMD update, it’s now officially proclaimed that there is no free lunch for EMD.  EMD that means Exact Match Domain in general, are the domain names that are unerringly those keywords which a website wishes to compete for. It worked well for a long time and industry on the whole of brokers and EMD tools came up with huge premium prices for good names undergoing through the roof when it was all “money keyword”.Matt Cuts Google EMD Updates

With free lunch, it was quite a while possible to be ranked in TOP 3 with no back links as compared to non-EMDs within just few days in literally every market niche one can think of. Pretty slow but Google has now closed this loophole as well though others were already closed earlier. This cheap way of attracting the maximum web traffic to your page is now closed and instead of complaining about it, SEOs must be thankful that they once have had it!

What all was included in EMD lunch Bonus?

EMD, where if the keyword that a website wants to rank with is “beauty care”, the domain name will be exactly matched as “”, included web spam techniques in the bonus. The two of popular SEO techniques including link building and on-page keyword optimisation are closely related to typical sorts of web spam. Thus, there is an aroused need for focussing upon the abidance of some standard SEO techniques in constructing the websites for people and not search engines.

EMD were often cited with excessive stuffing of keywords, spam techniques and not constructing quality sites. The easy breezy technique that can be followed is to have keyword phrase in exact match domain name and start with the keyword throughout the page.

While it was the scenario of EMD bonus, the money keyword was the website’s name that one wanted to rank for. It also seemed to be a good option to use brand name as Google wasn’t able to differentiate between the brand name and other phrases. However, the scenario has twirled now and a better option for linking is to use links of your brand names in the body as it makes a good sense.

Google Knew it, we knew it

However, it will be wrong to say that the EMD algorithm came just out of blue and had no basis to it. The EMD algorithm, system and method for detecting commercial queries was filed for patenting back earlier in September 2003 which was finally approved on 25 October 2011.

On March 7, 2011, Matt Cutts also talked about changing the whole EMD concept in video.  The question that is answerable here is about the transparency of Google in warning us that it is giving so much relevance to EMD. From the weekly list of SEO analytics of winners and losers while there were many EMDs that dropped out sharply a week ago from their stable rankings miserably, we also found many EMDs who actually gained high rankings after this update!

The question here is if Google is the actual culprit?

Google is often entitled to be an Internet police, giant, ruthless regime etc. etc. that keeps telling us that they are trying best to be transparent on their part. Many say that when it comes to SEO, they don’t follow their own evil mantra but Google is being evil whereas, on the other hand, Google as a corporation is aiming to be transparent to serve its people.

The surprising fact is that many governments, associations and corporations are trying to be transparent if you hear them in a different way or welcome correct information. This can be cited from the fact the even smallest plans are not implemented without being written down. This is the only reason why the ranking reduction algorithms developed by Google are sort of spelled out.   All you need to do to gain higher rankings is to create high quality websites with good content and abidance to website’s quality standards.

The Google’s mission that actually is spelled out is to organise well the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful for all the navigators. Just give it a thought for a moment that you get the top results displayed on your search engine’s first page that is relevant to you of what you desired. Now, simply ask to the people who design the content if abiding by some standards of SEO and laws is really costly for the relevant engine results?

No free Lunch- Google EMD Update – Really A kick in the teeth?

When people heard of the Google EMD update for no more free lunch, there was a bit panic, outrageousness and astonishment amongst SEO Experts. SEOs are worried of the consequences of this update that might harm their site ranking and web trafficking. They are totally scared, confused and anxious on the update. It was really amusing to read all the cursing and caps at Google in the blogs following the Sept. 29th EMD update.

We wonder and amaze at the people’s expectations of learning a few SEO techniques, abusing the guidelines, and developing a website whether or not it has relevant content and still expecting of not being caught at all?

Few take-home tips to guide the developers-

  • Review all the website’s construction guidelines as mentioned by the Google so that you are not violating the obvious tactics. If you do not want to lose your EMD bonus as others did, make it sure to abide by the keyword stuffing guidelines and imply same in brand domains names.
  • The custom EMD algorithm didn’t need good quality links to rank high and this never made a sense. However, today domain strength is an important factor and what makes sense is to have a good content to be the winner and rank high!
  • With increased social networking there are the estimations can further shares of links in social site can help in boosting site’s rankings, though the results are yet to confirm it. However, it is evident from the Google’s Bullet Point “the topics are driven from genuine interest of readers on the site’ that Google takes Social Signals and gives value to the sites as high quality if they are liked socially.
  • The overall link and quality of the website is evident from domain popularity growth of the winners.
  • It is not simply enough to build links to get your website on first page of search engine. Good quality site, relevant information and more links will also lead the web traffic to your page even if it is an EMD.

Finally we can say that Matt Cutts has actually given reality to his words about cracking down the web Spam in 2012 and has successfully closed the loopholes that were still working in early part of 2012. We are left to wonder if he is actually cracking down one tactic per month as his secret 30-day challenge.

In my personal opinion I feel that there are lot more things to fix as yet and based on data that we have received from our Link Detox Technology, there are still many useless websites with really appalling link profiles and redundant SEO practices that can be easily detected. For this reason we should expect more of such updates to continue on regular basis.

In any case, you must be thankful to Google and Matt Cutts for freeing you from EMDs loopholes that were prevailing since very long.

The opinions expressed in this article are by guest authors and not necessarily by search engine land.