How to Use Disavow Tool to Remove Google Penalty Easily & Quickly?

The updates in Panda and Penguin have led to a slight shift in the way optimisation is done and the way inbound links are evaluated. Though quality of the link has always remained focus, but there are many more aspects that have entered into picture such as source of the link. So, you can be penalised by Google if you have bad links and your rankings may fall miserably on SERPs. In this case all you have as a saviour for you is a Disavow Tool to protect you against the penalties.

What is Disavow tool and how does it work?

The Disavow links tool helps you by telling to Google to disregard certain bad back-links to your portal such as from Negative SEO attack or from spam sites or link farms. By making use of this tool you can easily clean your link profile and remove all the bad links pointing towards your website.

Here are the step by step process for using disavow tool to help remove the bad links –

  • Firstly, consult your analytics or webmaster person and download the list of all the back links that are pointing your website.
    • Open Google Webmaster Tool
    • Go to the site you want to disavow links
    • Click on the “Search Traffic”, on the dashboard
    • Then click on “Links to Your Site”
    • Click “More” under “Who links the most”
    • Click “Download More Sample Links” & your file will be downloaded just save & open the file.
    • Now create a list of all the bad back links which you want Google to ignore or Disavow.
    • Now create a text file & save (must be a .txt file & encoded with UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII) it as disavow.txt. When you save the note pad it will show the encoding option (left to the “save” button).
    • Now list all the links (one link per line) like the following format:
      • If you want to remove links form then just write the following line “”.
      • You can add descriptions followed by a # tag if you want to add something like “contacted a specific domain but got no response”.
        • Example:
          • # Contacted owner of on 6/10/2014 to
          • # ask for link removal but got no response
  • If you want to remove some specific pages then you can write like the following:

Google Disavow Tool Image

    • Click Disavow Links
    • Click Choose file and submit.

However,   we recommend you to use the Disavow tool only if you find a considerable number of artificial, spammy or low-quality back links on your site. Disavow tool must be used with caution or else it might harm the performance of your site if used inappropriately. It can affect adversely your site’s rakings in Google search results.

Is Disavow tool your friend?

Surely Yes, Disavow tool is your friend as it protects you against Google’s penalties and punishments importantly when your site is suffering link attacks. The tool works both on manual and algorithmic penalties. The biggest advantage that the Disavow tool gives to a site is that it makes it immune to most of the negative effects of existing and future Penguin and Panda Updates by Google.

This is a free tool that you can use with a little know how but if you are totally unaware, we recommend you to not to play with this tool or else you might harm the rankings of your site by eliminating the wrong links.

Limitations of Disavow link Tool –

The tool does not give any instantaneous results and if your site has back links in bulk, the task of disavowing will be really time consuming and cumbersome.

Conclusion –

Many SEO experts consider using Disavow tool only for the legitimate reasons. Your site can suffer adverse impacts of bad links if the tool is not implemented correctly. Thus, it is of utmost importance, that you seek professional assistance if you are totally unaware to avert any sort of risks.