How to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

When it comes to the Internet, one has to consider the fact that people do not only use personal computers to perform web searches. One of the increasingly growing internet user bases comprises of people using mobile searches. As such it would be essential to ensure your website caters to this market to. Here are some of the ways that you can optimize your website for mobile search.

  • Make use of shorter keywords: people who search from their mobile devices will key in shorter key phrases. As such, most of their search questions tend to be one or two words since they do not want to be typing for long. Use this to your advantage.
  • Mobile searches mainly search for local listings: Mobile users will typically be trying to find something in their locality. For example if they are looking for something to eat, they will probably search for “pizza 5th avenue”. Thus you should try to make your keywords include your location.
  • Up to date news are what mobile searches mainly comprise of: the majority of mobile search categories include items that are updated on a frequent basis such as sports results, financial information, and weather and so on. If your website has content in any of these niches, it would be best to optimize it for mobile searches as you could be losing out on a significant amount of traffic.
  • Search rankings are shorter: on a computer, an internet user will typically scroll through the first ten search rankings. However, on a mobile device most people will not get past the third. Thus by optimizing your website for mobile, you are much more likely to rank higher with them.
  • Promote your website: there’s no point in optimizing your website then not promoting it. Submit it to mobile portals and popular mobile search directories so as to increase traffic to your website.
  • Adhere to the standards set for mobile searches: There are guidelines used in this type of internet search that differ from the regular searches. Ensure that you abide by them if you would like your content to appear in the right mobile format.
  • Always use meta.txt: this is a file that is used to briefly describe the content of a website. If it is located in your root directory, search engines will include you in their results even if your site cannot be viewed in its entirety on a mobile browser.
  • Shorten your pages: Just as mobile searches will not use long key phrases; neither will they take the time to read long pages. A mobile version of your website should contain shorter pages.
  • Predictive text is commonly used by mobile searches: Ensure your keywords can easily be picked up by predictive text as this is what most mobile searchers use.
  • Have a look at your site on a mobile device: By taking a look at how your site appears on different phones, you get a chance to know where to make it better and what is currently working for you.

Mobile searches may be new but they will grow exponentially. Check whether your website is optimized at Adwords Keyword Search to track the volume of intern users with your key words.

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